Blood and Roses Wraparound Cover - 1995 Signed

ARTIST: Brad Gorby , Bob Hickey PRICE: $375.00

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Title: Blood and Roses Wraparound Cover - 1995 Signed
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Genre: Hero
Artists: Brad Gorby (penciller)
Bob Hickey (inker)

This is the cover art work executed for the graphic album that collected the first two "Blood and Roses" miniseries done in 1995. This is a large wrap around cover measuring 17x22 with a live art area of 15 and 3/4x21. This piece was executed on 120 lb Strathmore Plate finish Bristol Board. The medium is Pen and Inks. Brad Gorby did the pencils followed up by the creator of Blood and Roses, Bob Hickey doing the Inks. For those that are not familiar with Blood and Roses; Christiana Blood is a warrior from the time of the Crusades who was refused the right to fight because she was a woman. Then there is Tamara Rose, A cop from the future constantly at odds with the system. Two rebels brought together by the Time Lords as agents to repair mistakes, distortions and corruptions to the time stream. They are, Blood and Roses.